Refinery & Petrochemical

Both process water and wastewater are key factors in successful operations in the petrochemical industry. These plants have demanding environmental management challenges and regulations.

By taking a holistic and analytical approach to our clients’ most challenging issues, we are able to develop utilities management solutions that maintain an asset’s value and operational integrity over the life of an infrastructure asset.

We can supply a tailor-made solution for each specific task. 'Oceanides' offers an extensive portfolio of treatment processes covering virtually every need from conventional processes to high-performance systems.

Water Management for Entire Complex

  • Raw Water Treatment Plant for Process Water & Service Water
  • Boiler make up water treatment - UF / DM / RO / SWRO
  • Condensate and cooling water treatment
  • Waste water treatment and recycle of process streams and cooling tower blow down / utility waste water, to achieve zero discharge
  • Comprehensive O&M of complete water systems
  • Upgrading/retrofitting plants on DBOT / BOT basis
  • Total